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2243 S. Lambert St, Philadelphia. PA 19145
On the corner of Lambert and West Passyunk Avenue, between 20th and 21st.

If you are selling records, visit or call anytime. We are available for home visits and will travel for collections large or small. When calling please have the records near you so we can get an idea of what you have. The types of music we are mainly interested in are: all types of Punk, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Psyche, Jazz, Blues and so much more. Small list of things we don't buy; 78's, Classical, Big Band, Swing, Broadway and 50's pop vocalist. Get in touch and turn those records into cash!


Sit & Spin Records started in 2008 with a split 12" featuring Cleveland's Pigsticker and Philly favorites Nothing is Over.  We have since released several more records and have many more in the works.  This is our complete catalog; many are limited, a few are now out of print and the list will continue to grow.

SAS#11 - Plague Dogs 12"
This is the debut album from one of Philly's newest motor-charged, fast and aggressive hardcore punks.  With it's steady rhythm and rockin' guitar harmonies it's sure to be a classic.

SAS#10 - Ga$h "We are fuck you" 7"
Philly fast-core and they hate you.

SAS#09 - Ratface "Dead Rats Blood" 7"
This, their second release, proves once again that Pittsburgh Punx know how to deliver.  Powered by distortion, these tracks are more punk than you.

SAS#08 - Spent Flesh self-titled 10"
Although they may be hard to describe, Spent Flesh is one of the few Philly bands to actually receive a good review in MRR.  This debut record deliver 80's style American Hardcore Punk with some crazy guitar effects and a theremin... weird, but sick as shit!

SAS#07 - Powercup/Pizza High Five split 10"
More than a dozen record labels pitched-in to release this epic grindcore collaboration between  Powercup from Canada and those Ohio boys, PHF. 


SAS#06 - Infernal Stronghold/Pizza High Five split 7"
World famous black metal maniacs from Philly, Infernal Stronghold sets the bar while PHF (from Lima, OH) smokes you out with their mincing grind.  The original 666 copies sold out almost instantly, but because of such great demand 300 more were repressed.

SAS#05 - Thulsa Doom "1998-2000" discography 10"
No, this is not that Swedish stoner band.  This is the complete collection of recorded songs from NYC's female-fronted anarcho-crust legends.  It includes their debut EP, their split with Distraught and three previously unreleased tracks.  There is also a CD version (limited to 100) which was put out in collaboration with Riotous Outburst Records.

SAS#04 - Apt. 213/Nothing Is Over split 7"
Legendary Clevo powerviolence band Apt. 213 brutalizes this split 7" with Philly's NIO in a legendary match-up of fast-as-fuck grind.

SAS#03 - Nothing is Over "Negative Fucking Energy" 7"
Another collection of face-splitting powerviolence by Philly's finest.

SAS#02 - I Hate This "Trimming the Fat" 7"
Released in 2009, this record is a collection of tracks from two different previously released split 7"s. This female-fronted Philadelphia area hardcore band is no longer performing but their music is certainly worth hunting down.

SAS#01 - Nothing is Over/Pigsticker split 12"
This record was the debut release for both bands.  Pigsticker is Clevo hardcore at it's finest (think h100's or Nine Shocks Terror).  Born in Philly, USA, Nothing is Over delivers fast-core with sick breakdowns and thick beats.

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