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Mon-Sat 12-8 pm
Sunday 12-5 pm

2243 S. Lambert St, Philadelphia. PA 19145
On the corner of Lambert and West Passyunk Avenue, between 20th and 21st.

If you are selling records, visit or call anytime. We are available for home visits and will travel for collections large or small. When calling please have the records near you so we can get an idea of what you have. The types of music we are mainly interested in are: all types of Punk, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Psyche, Jazz, Blues and so much more. Small list of things we don't buy; 78's, Classical, Big Band, Swing, Broadway and 50's pop vocalist. Get in touch and turn those records into cash!

Monday, November 20, 2017


Sit & Spin Records and The Merch Cellar will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23rd. We will return on Friday with the following goodies...

Friday November 24th thru Sunday November 26th
12:00PM-8:00PM (Sun 12:00PM-5:00PM)
Sit & Spin Tote Bag holders can enter at 11:30AM both Friday & Saturday

Ticket holders are entitled to the same perks and discounts as a Sit & Spin Tote Bag holder. Just show us your ticket or wrist band to be eligible.


Scroll down for a preview of some of the rare and collectible used vinyl records available in-store only; Friday and Saturday. We will be splitting up the release of hundreds of punk, hardcore and metal records (including but not limited to the ones shown below) over the course of two days. There will be no holds, first come first serve, and many hot items won't even be posted. You'll just have to come in to see it all. Tote bag holders get first dibs with the advantage of early entry at 11:30AM on Friday and Saturday.


Available in any denomination, a Sit & Spin Records Gift Certificate can make gift giving easy. This weekend, get a little extra gift with your certificate.
$25 and up value comes with a free can koozie 
$100 and up value comes with a free Sit & Spin t-shirt
$200 and up value comes with a free Sit & Spin t-shirt AND tote bag
*Good while supplies last



All Used CDs are 20% OFF
*35% OFF with your S&S tote bag
Used 7" Sale:
  • $0.99 used 7"s are 5 for $3 OR 10 for $5
  • $1.99 used 7"s are 5 for $6 OR 10 for $10
  • $2.99 used 7"s are 5 for $12 OR 10 for $20
  • Or mix and match any of the above for 25% OFF when you buy 10 or more
Budget Bin LPs:
  • $0.99 LPs are 10 for $1.00
  • $1.99 and $2.99 LPs, mix and match 10 for $10
  • 20% OFF All used t-shirts 35% OFF with your Sit & Spin tote
  • 10 % OFF embroidered patches
  • 50% OFF all packaged hosiery
All domestic DISCOGS orders of $50 or more ship for FREE
Order must be made on Monday 11/27 and payment completed within 48 hours to qualify.
Sorry, only USA orders can ship free. Outside of the US? Message us about a shipping discount.
These titles will be available in-store only this Friday and Saturday. This is just a fraction of the records that will released; expect to find a whole lot more. Please note, some will be available on Friday and some will be available on Saturday. Which records on which day has not yet been determined.  


Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Arrivals Friday 6/23/17 PSFS Weekend

 Philly Still Fucking Shreds!!
This weekend is the annual PSFS festivities,
so we thought we would put out hundreds of 
punk and hardcore records from around the globe.  Sit & Spin tote holders are allowed entry at 11:30 AM, general public at noon.  People coming from out of town that would like early entry can purchase a tote by phone or email.  Keep in mind your tote is good for 10% off used items every time you bring it to the shop.  In past weeks we had more time to provide a partial list, however this week all you get is the six pictures to the side of this post.  We hope to see you all this weekend! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Early entry for Sit & Spin Records tote holders begins at 11:30 am, 12:00 pm for general public.  Here is a partial list of titles that will be available.


      • S.O.B. "Don't Be Swindle" 12" Selfish records  w/ insert
      • Death Side "Bet on The Possibility" LP Selfish Original w/insert 
          • V/A Outsider compilation LP City Rocker records Original poster sleeve

      •  V/A A Farewell to Arms compilation Selfish records 
      • Friction S/T LP  Kenwood records 1987 repress
      • The Addiction "Punk Alien Razar" LP MCR company 
      • The Star Club "Ground Zero" 12" Invitation Orig
      • The Star Club "Punk! Punk! Punk!" LP Japan Records
      • The Star Club "Hello New Punks" LP Japan Records
      • G.B.H. "Midnight Madness and Beyond..." LP VAP records original
      • Life "The World Lies Across Them" LP Punk Bastard Original

      • Conflict "Increase the Pressure" LP VAP records original
      • Side Burns "Golden Hits" LP Ebisu records original
      • G-Zet S/T LP ADK records 2012 repress
      • Execute/ Inferno split LP Pusmort records original
      • The Stalin " Stalinism"  12" Independent Records
      • Gastunk "Mother" LP Vice Records
      • C "Dear Fuckin' Shit all Fascists +2" LP Hardcore Survives
      • Zouo "A Roar Agitating Violent Age" LP Crust War 

      • V/A Hardcore Inferno LP compilation Depression records
      • V/A A Farewell to Arms LP compilation Nuclear Blast records
      • V/A We Are Beat Crazy LP Compilation Captain Records
      • V/A Yotsuva- Japanese Noiz Cruster Comp LP Crust War
      • V/A Konton Damaging Ear Massacre LP Compilation Crust War 
Plus tons of other Punk and Hardcore LP's

      • Ferocious X "Befria Fran Vanda EP" 7" Overthrow Records
      • Effigy/Havaistys split 7" Whisper in Darkness Records
      • Brain Death "Personal Affair" 7" Selfish records
      • Isterismo "Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto" 7" Overthrow records
      • Ghoul " Oi! Oi!" 7" flexi Hold Up records
      • Death Dust Extractor "Chainsaw Mayhem" 7" Vox Populi records

      • Effigy/Aparat split 7" Forest Records
      • Disclose "4 Track EP" 7" Overthrow records
      • Asphyxia "Wardrugs." 7" Crust war 
      • Nightmare "Be Put to Urge Rise in Yourself" 7" Blood Sucker Records
      • Baws "Like Let's Have a Ball" 7" Flexi Red ADK records
      • Headless S/T 7" Flexi More records
      • Judgment "No Reson Why" 7" HG Fact
      • Sic "Get Up and Do It EP" 7" Dogma records 

Plus tons of other Punk and Hardcore 7"s   
 Hard Rock, Prog, Pop Rock etc... LP

      • King Crimson "Lark's Tongues In Aspic" LP Polydor 25MM0266
      • Rainbow "Rising" LP Oyster/Polydor 23MM 0022
      • Rainbow "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll" LP Polydor 18MM 0528
      • The Kinks "Face to Face" LP Mono PRT records SP20-5026
      • Blondie "Parallel Lines" LP Chrysalis WWS-81139
      • Dio "Intermission" 12" Vertigo 20PP-100

      • The Beatles "1962-1966" 2xLP Apple Records EAS-77003.4
      • The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" LP Apple records EAS-80569
      • Geordie "Don't be Fooled By the Name" LP EMI/Odeon EOP-81013
      • Tyrannosaurus Rex "A Beard of Stars" LP SP20-5054
      • Captain Beyond S/T LP Capricorn VIP-6372
Plus more

Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Arrivals for Saturday May 27th

Round two of our most recent record haul will be hitting the bins this Saturday. Below is a partial list of the titles that will be available at noon. Bring your Sit & Spin Records tote bag for early entry, 11:30 am. In honor of MDF, we will be releasing the following metal titles and more...

Eternal "Lucifer's Children" LP
Slayer "Hell Awaits" LP (Roadrunner)
Angel Witch "Doctor Phipps" LP
Hawkwind "Warrior On The Edge of Time" LP (Australia press)
Judas Priest "Sin After Sin" LP (Japanese press) with insert, No OBI
Obsession "Methods of Madness" LP
Nuclear Assault "The Plague" LP (Under One Flag)
Iron Maiden "Live +one" LP (Japanese press) with OBI and insert
Iron Maiden "Somewhere in Time" LP (Japanese press) with OBI and insert
Paul Chain "Mirror" 2xLP
D.R.I. "Dirty Rotten LP" LP (Radical Records) with insert
Destruction "Infernal Overkill" LP (Steamhammer)
Angel Witch "Angel Witch" LP (German press)
Intruder "Live to Die" LP with insert
Judas Priest "Scream for Vengeance" LP (Japanese press) with insert and OBI
Tank "The Filth Hounds of Hades: Dogs of War 1981-2002" 6xLP box set; yellow vinyl
Midnight "Farewell to Hell" 10"
Diamond Head "Borrowed Time" LP (UK)
Agent Steel "Unstoppable Force" LP (Japanese press) white label promo with insert, no OBI
Tankard "Chemical Invasion" LP
Scorpions "Fly to the Rainbow" LP (Japanese Press) with OBI and insert
Queensryche "Queensryche" LP (Japanese press) with OBI and insert
Judas Priest "Sad Wings of Destiny" LP (Japanese press) with OBI and insert
Diamond Head "Behold the Beginning" LP
Possessed "The Eyes of Horror" 12" EP
Possessed "Beyond the Gates" LP (Cobra)
Venom "From Hell to the Unknown" 2xLP; Disc 1 on red vinyl, Disc 2 on black vinyl
Guns 'n' Roses "Lies" LP original uncensored sleeve
Corrosion of Conformity "Eye for an Eye" LP (Toxic Shock)
Anthrax "Among the Living" LP original US press
...and more...
Also, these 7" records and more...
And don't forget our Memorial Day Sale currently going on now thru Sunday.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Memorial Day Sale now thru Sunday 5/28

We will be closed for Memorial Day, Monday 5/29. Between now and then we will be having a sale on used inventory. Sale terms are as follows:
  • All USED items with a GREEN price sticker are 25% OFF with your Sit & Spin Records tote bag. New records with green stickers do NOT apply. Don't have a tote? Buy one for only $10
  • All Budget Bin LPs ($2.99 and under) are 5 for the price of 1. Must buy in lots of 5; mix and match of budget records is okay, highest price will apply. No tote required.
  • Used 7" records priced at $0.99 are 5 for the price of 1.
  • USED shirts are 10% OFF or 25% OFF with your Sit & Spin tote

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sunday 5/21 New Arrivals

Same deal as yesterday! Bring your Sit & Spin Records tote bag and gain entry at 11:30am. Tomorrow's new arrivals will include UK and European punk and hardcore LPs and 7"s. For those of you that could not make it down today, we still have plenty left and another round of Japanese artists and presses will go out again next Saturday. The list below is just a taste of what will be going out so stop in to see it all.

UK and European Punk and Hardcore
The Pork Dukes "Tight Pussy/Making Bacon" 12"; yellow vinyl
Screaming Dead "A Dream of Yesterday" 12"
Special Duties "'77 in '82" LP
V.A. "Punk and Disorderly" LP; red vinyl
V.A. "Punk and Disorderly: Further Charges" LP; blue vinyl
V.A. "Punk and Disorderly III: The Final Solution" LP
Ripcord "Defiance of Power" LP
Poison Girls "Chappaquiddick Bridge" LP (Crass Records)
Cockney Rejects "Live and Loud!" LP
English Dogs "Mad Punx & English Dogs" 12"
Chaos U.K. "LP" LP
One Way System "Writing on the Wall" LP
Sore Throat "Death to Capitalist Thrashcore" LP bootleg ltd to 229
Anti-System "No Laughing Matter" LP
Conflict "The Final Conflict" LP
Crude S.S. "Crust'll Survive" LP bootleg
Riistetyt "Raped Future" LP; Rock-O-Rama
Anti-Pasti "The Last Call..." LP
Chaos U.K. "Kanpai" LP
Oxymoron "The Pack is Back" LP
V.A. "Riotous Assembly" LP; red vinyl
Discharge "Never Again" EP
Discard "Death From Above" EP
The Expelled "Government Policy" EP
The Cult Maniax "Blitz/Lucy Looe" EP
The Varukers "I Don't Wanna Be A Victim" EP
Arroganta Agitatorer "Arrogans EP" EP
...and many many more...
See you all tomorrow!


Friday, May 19, 2017

New Arrivals for 5/20/2017 Tote Holders Get First Dibs

We open at noon but those with a Sit & Spin tote bag will be allowed in at 11:30am. Below is a partial list of titles going out on Saturday 5/20.

Japanese Punk and Hardcore

The Loods "Stop Fuckin' Around"; LP w/OBI
Abraham Cross "Peace Can't Combine" LP
V.A. "Get Back the Discharged Arrow" LP
Laughin' Nose "Pussy For Sale" LP
Nightmare "Give Notice to Nightmare" LP
Lip Cream "9 Shocks Terror" LP
G.I.S.M. "Detestation" LP w/insert
V.A. "Great Punk Hits" w/OBI and insert
V.A. "Hang the Sucker Vol.2" LP
The Star Club "Ground Zero" LP w/insert
RoseRose "Mosh of Ass" LP
V.A. "Attack of 4 Tribes" LP
Gastunk "Deadsong" LP (love records)
Acid "Shock Troop" LP
Death Side "Wasted Dream" LP
Gloom "Recommendation of Perdition" LP
Sign of Evil/Abigail split LP
Gloom "Mentally Achronistic 2000" EP
Bacteria "Fucking Chaos" EP
Lip Cream "Lonely Rock" EP
Exit Hippies/Stagnation split EP
The Discocks "Voice of Youth" EP (1st press)
Tom and Boot Boys "Fuck You! Stay Punk!" EP
Discocks/Tom and Boot Boys "Hated and Proud e.p." EP
Death Dust Extractor "Slay Your Masters or Slave in Chains" EP
D-Clone/Nerveskade "Obscene Noize Violence" EP
S.D.S. "Scum System Kill E.P." EP
...and much more
  Japanese Pressings of Various Genres

Scorpions "Virgin Killers" LP; JAP 1st press with OBI and insert
KISS "Destroyer" LP with OBI and insert
KISS "Rock and Roll Over" LP with OBI and insert
KISS "Unmasked" LP with OBI and insert
Judas Priest "British Steel" with OBI and insert
Judas Priest "Screaming for Vengeance" LP with OBI, insert and poster
Iron Maiden "Somewhere in Time" LP with OBI and insert
Dio "Last in Line" LP with OBI and insert
Loudness "The Birthday Eve" LP with OBI no insert
Loudness "The Law of Devil's Land" with OBI and insert
Thin Lizzy "thunder and lightning" LP with OBI and insert
Thin Lizzy "Life: Live Double Album" LP with OBI and insert
Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous" LP with OBI, insert and printed inner sleeves
Thin Lizzy "Black Rose" LP with OBI and insert
Queensryche "The Warning" LP with OBI and insert; no poster
Lizard "Babylon Rocker" LP with OBI and insert
Deep Purple "In Rock" LP; ltd. edition reissue with OBI no insert
Tank "Honour & Blood" LP with insert no OBI
Rainbow "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" LP with OBI and insert
Plasmatics "Coup d'├ętat" LP with OBI and insert
Girlschool "Hit and Run" LP with OBI and insert
Judas Priest "Sad Wings of Destiny" LP with OBI and insert
Judas Priest "Sin After Sin" LP with OBI and insert
Accept "Russian Roulette" LP with OBI and insert
The Varukers "Bloodsuckers" LP with insert no OBI
Discharge "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" LP with insert no OBI
Discharge "Why" LP with insert no OBI
Metallica "Ride the Lightning" LP with OBI and insert
The Never Ending Story - soundtrack with OBI no insert
Motley Crue "Theatre of Pain" LP with OBI and insert
G.B.H. "City Baby's Revenge" LP with insert no OBI
G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked by Rats" LP with insert no OBI
... and so much more...

Take up to 25% OFF used vinyl and more, today only!

We want to see all our loyal friends and fans!


Those of you that bought a tote bag before 5/18/2017 are eligible for our special loyalty discount:
25% OFF* used vinyl, CDs and shirts priced before 4/1/2017
*items priced $100 and over are not eligible for 25% but will still receive the standard tote discount of 10% OFF
NO TOTE? No problem!
Buy 3 eligible items and receive 5% OFF
Buy 5 or more eligible items for 10% OFF

A small sample of eligible items with many more available in-store:
Japanese imports will be available 5/20 and 5/21; more info will be posted later today.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sit & Spin Records returns from Japan

We are back from our trip to Japan and will return to regular business hours starting tomorrow, Thursday May 18th. 
We'd love to see you all so please stop by with your Sit & Spin Records tote bag.
We have a lot of new arrivals to put out this weekend but we don't have a lot of space. We need your help so we're offering a special clearance sale for all tote-holders that purchased their tote before this sale.

Thursday 5/18 - 20% OFF used items priced before 4/1/2017*
Friday 5/19 - 25% OFF used items priced before 4/1/2017*
*items priced $100 and up are not eligible; standard tote discount of 10% will apply

The titles pictured below and more will be available Saturday 5/20 and Sunday 5/21. A list of titles and when they will be available will be posted for each day here on the blog, so subscribe for updates or check back often.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Merch Cellar

Have you been to our new merchandise department yet? NO?!?!?! Well then, what are you waiting for? Located in the basement of Sit & Spin Records, The Merch Cellar is home to a wide selection of new and used band shirts, sweatshirts, patches, pins, scarves, hats, you name it! We also carry hair dye, stockings, jewelry and more.
Visit our Facebook page to see what we have to offer. If you click on the PHOTOS tab you will gain access to our albums. The albums are organized by new vs. used as well as type of merch. Browse them all! And if you're not local, you can message us about mail order.