Please note our new location and new hours:
Mon-Sat 12-8 pm
Sunday 12-5 pm

2243 S. Lambert St, Philadelphia. PA 19145
On the corner of Lambert and West Passyunk Avenue, between 20th and 21st.

If you are selling records, visit or call anytime. We are available for home visits and will travel for collections large or small. When calling please have the records near you so we can get an idea of what you have. The types of music we are mainly interested in are: all types of Punk, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Psyche, Jazz, Blues and so much more. Small list of things we don't buy; 78's, Classical, Big Band, Swing, Broadway and 50's pop vocalist. Get in touch and turn those records into cash!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sit & Spin Records One Year Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate our One Year Anniversary
Jan 7th - Jan 12th, 12 pm-8 pm

Show your LOVE!
Visit the shop during our anniversary wearing a Sit & Spin T-shirt or carrying our LP tote and enjoy special discounts: 10% OFF new/unplayed records and 15% OFF used records.  

Hashtag Giveaway!!
Enter for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Sit & Spin Records.  Here's how:
  1. Follow us on Instagram @sitandspinrecords 
  2. Post a photo of the records you scored during our Anniversary Week (1/7-1/12)*
  3. Use the hashtag #happybirthdaysitandspin to enter the drawing
  4. The photo with the most "likes" will be our winner**

*you may enter one photo with the whole score in it or many photos (one for each record), but no duplicates please
**the winner will be announced Tuesday January 14th and will have 14 days to claim his/her prize

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sit & Spin Holiday Shopping 2013

Wish List Reserve
a unique Holiday shopping service
only from Sit & Spin Records

Available for a limited time*, we are offering a Wish List Reserve service. This will be a great way to get exactly the right records this holiday season and still be surprised. 

Here's how it works:
  1. Send us your wishlist (new and used vinyl) with WISH LIST RESERVE in the subject line.
  2. We'll check our inventory, pull and hold any titles that we find on your list and message you with the number of records we found (not which ones though, that's the surprise).
  3. Send in the shoppers! Anyone wanting to purchase one of your Wish List records can do so WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS of the confirmation message. They simply tell us the name on the Wish List and the buyer can choose which records they want to purchase.
And if that's too complicated, we sell Gift Certificates!
*This service will be available through Monday December 23rd

Please note our Holiday Hours:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Black Friday sale at Sit & Spin Records

Remember friends, Sit & Spin Records will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day, but we will be back on Black Friday with extended hours (9am-9pm), lots of sales and shopping incentives.  You don't want to miss out!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

We buy records! Punk, Hardcore, Oi, Power pop, 77, UK82, Heavy metal, Thash, Black metal, NWOBHM, Psyche, Blues and so much more

Don't forget, here at Sit & Spin Records we not only sell punk, metal, hardcore, oi, goth and rock records WE BUY THEM TOO!  We offer top dollar for your records(lp's and 7"s),  bring your records to us or we can travel to see you.  We are interested in collections small to large, rare to common and everything in between.   We will travel to New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and further for the right collection. Call or email to set up an appointment (267)773-8345 ... and turn your records into ca$h!

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Virus Reunion show in Philly

Sit & Spin Records is proud to announce that we will have tickets for the upcoming Virus Reunion Show in Philly, August 4th.
Tickets are limited to 250 and will only be available through Sit & Spin.  Tickets purchased in store must be paid in cash, online orders can be made through this website.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Record Store Day leftovers

If you skipped out on Record Store Day but saw some titles you wanted, it's not too late.  A few titles sold out, however we have a limited number of copies still available for many of the RSD titles that we stocked.

  • Megadeth "Killing is My Business..." 12" (1 left)
  • Mayhem "De Mysteries Dom Sathanas" 12" (3 left)
  • Venom "Black Metal" 2x12" (2 left)
  • Witchfinder General "Death Penalty" 12" (1 left)
  • Bolt Thrower "In Battle There is No Law" 12" (2 left)
  • Ilsa/Seven Sisters of Sleep - split 7" (3 left)
  • Like Rats - s/t 7" (4 left)
  • T.S.O.L. "You Don't Have to Die EP" 7" (1 left)
  • The Scientists - s/t 12" (3 left)
  • Sense Field - s/t 12" (3 left)
  • Slipknot - s/t 7" (1 left)
  • Witch In Her Tomb "Maleficus Maleficarum" 7" (2 left)
  • Out Minds "Behind the Mirror" 12" TEST PRESS (3 left)
  • Spent Flesh - s/t 10" TEST PRESS (2 left)
  • Crusaders of Love "Take it Easy, But Take It" 12" TEST PRESS (2 left)
  • Digital Leather "Modern Problems" 12" TEST PRESS (3 left)
  • Ratface "Dead Rats Blood EP" 7" TEST PRESS (1 left)
  • Thulsa Doom "Desensitized EP" TEST PRESS (1 left)
  • Thulsa Doom/Distraught - split 7" TEST PRESS (1 left)

And don't forget to check our New Arrivals list often to see what's new at Sit & Spin.
When used collections come in we post teaser photos on Instagram and updates on Facebook so be sure to follow us to stay informed.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Record Store Day 2013: Complete list of available RSD releases

They're all here!!!! 
We've been receiving deliveries all day and expect the last order to be hand-delivered tomorrow so here they are, all the limited RSD releases that we will have available to you at 10am Saturday morning (4/20).  Remember, RSD titles will be 10% off between 10am and 12pm
  • Megadeth "Killing is My Business..." (12" reissue) (transparent blue vinyl with yellow & red specks)
  • Mayhem "De Mysteries Dom Sathanas" (12" reissue) (transparent purple vinyl with white & black specks)
  • Venom "Black Metal" (2x12" reissue) (white vinyl with black & gray specks; 180g  gatefold)
  • Witchfinder General "Death Penalty" (12" reissue) (red vinyl with black & white specks)
  • Bolt Thrower "In Battle There is No Law" (12" reissue) (white vinyl with black & gray specks)
  • Ilsa/Seven Sisters of Sleep - split (7")
  • Like Rats - s/t (7")
  • Ringworm "1991 Demo" (7")
  • T.S.O.L. "You Don't Have to Die EP" (7")
  • The Scientist - s/t (12")
  • Nobunny "Love Visions Box Set" (6x7")
  • Poison Idea "Filthkick" (7")
  • Sense Field - s/t (12")
  • Slipknot - s/t (7")
These titles are limited so get here early!  Limit one per customer and no reservations, first-come-first-serve.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 UPDATE

Some of the Record Store Day titles we ordered are still in transit and we hope to have them in time.  As of now, the ones that we will certainly have are:

  • Seven Sisters of Sleep/Ilsa split 7" (A389 Records) SEE MORE INFO HERE
  • Poison Idea "Filthkick EP" 7" (TKO Records)
  • Sense Field s/t LP (Revelation Records) 
  • Slipknot s/t 7" (Revelation Records)

FDH Records has generously added a few more TEST PRESS copies, however these records have not been released yet!  Very limited and very exclusive:
Primitive Hearts "High & Tight" LP

"Primitive Hearts finally bring their first full length album to the table, following up their recent 7″ on the band’s own No Rules Records. This Oakland, CA based power trio have undoubtedly mastered the brass-knuckled, bubblegum garage-pop sound. Blasting through 12 three chord power pop hits in under 25 minutes, Primitive Hearts have learned to channel the aspects of all of your current west coast favorites. They somehow capture the vintage R&B hooks of Shannon and the Clams, the sloppy rawness of Nobunny, the pop sensibility of Hunx, all with the energy of Mean Jeans. This record is a perfect, feel-good anthem for the upcoming 2013 summer. Co-released between 3 labels: FDH (Philly), Resurrection (CA), & P.Trash (Germany).” This record is scheduled for release June 2013.

“Have you ever chewed a big wad of bubblegum on the beach and gotten sand blown in your mouth? That sugary crunchiness, crackle and pop sensation is similar to the sound of POPPETS, a drum machine based garage-pop duo from Sweden. The group consists of Lina and Magnus, whose crazy pop hooks will instantly make you fall head over heels in love.” This is the bands first LP since 2009 that FDH co-released with P.Trash. Scheduled for release in June 2013.

Early Bird Special 10am-12pm

Make Sit & Spin Records your first stop on Record Store Day.  If you purchase any RSD special releases between 10am and 12pm you will receive 10% OFF those records.

Buy Local

In support of our local music scene, SAS Records and FDH Records have donated (4) TEST PRESS copies of their split-label release with P.Trash Records, the Spent Flesh "self titled" 10".  These will be free for customers that spend $30 or more in our local vinyl section.  We offer lots of great titles from Bad Doctors to Plague Dogs and more.

Concert Ticket Raffle

This is a great last-minute addition to our Record Store Day celebration; we have two pairs of tickets for some great upcoming shows at The Trocadero Theater.

Raffle entries are free with vinyl purchase but limited to one per customer.  There will be two drawings, winners will be notified by phone Sunday April 21st.  The tickets will be available for pick-up at our store.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Record Store Day titles EXCLUSIVE to Sit & Spin Records

There are many awesome titles scheduled for release on Record Store Day, but these will only be available at Sit & Spin Records.  These titles are first-come-first-serve, so make sure you're there early, we open at 10am on April 20th.

Woe "Withdrawal" LP
The newest album from Philadelphia's black metal masters. This Candlelight Records release is coming to us three days before the official street date.  We will have a limited number of copies available on colored vinyl and a few CDs as well.
At 2pm we invite you all to join us for a Woe listening party.  Be the first to listen to "Withdrawal" in it's entirety.


Witch in Her Tomb "Maleficus Maleficarum" 7"
This split label release with Philadelphia's new metal label TYR Records and Crippled Sound Records was recently released and is nearly sold out.  Out of a pressing of 300, 100 of those where made on glow-in-the-dark vinyl. In celebration of our first Record Store Day, TYR has designed an alternate cover just for us, limited to 10 with the glow vinyl.


FDH Records

FDH Records is a local independent record label that has released and co-released more than 100 records, CDs and cassette tapes over the past 10 years.  In support of our first Record Store Day, FDH has released to us very limited TEST PRESS copies of some of their more recent releases.

Outer Minds "Behind the Mirror" LP
A split label release with Resurrection Records and Red Lounge Records, this ten track LP is tripped out.  This is the first LP from Chicago based garage-psych band and one that we play in our store often.
3 TEST PRESS copies available


Spent Flesh - self titled 10"
Sit & Spin Records is proud to be a part of this split label release with FDH and P.Trash Records.  This is the first record from one of Philly's weirdest punk bands.  High energy, creative guitar work and a theremin?  These guys make it work and we love them!
4 TEST PRESS copies available


Crusaders of Love "Take it Easy, But Take it" LP
This is the second LP from this French power-pop 4-piece, packed with 11 catchy tunes about love and rock'n'roll.  This independent FDH release is great for fans of The Exploding Hearts and Pointed Sticks.
3 TEST PRESS copies available


Digital Leather "Modern Problems" LP
Synth-pop from Arizona, kicking out the jams since 2003, Digital Leather is dance-inspiring, perky pop for lovers of electronics in their punk.
3 TEST PRESS copies available


Sit & Spin Records

We dug up a couple of TEST PRESS copies from our own label releases to have available on Record Store Day.  These are limited to only ONE of each title:

SAS#09 - Ratface "Dead Rats Blood EP" 7"
SAS#10 - Ga$h "We Are Fuck You" 7"

Doomed Records (1998-1999)

Anxious to release their music on vinyl, Thulsa Doom would not wait for a label to notice them.  They released their 7"s independently on their own band label, Doomed Records.  The band has donated ONE TEST PRESS from each of their only two releases.
Doomed#001 Thulsa Doom "Desensitized EP" 7"

Doomed#002 Thulsa Doom/Distraught split 7"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 at Sit & Spin Records Philadelphia

Sit & Spin Records will be participating in our first Record Store Day on Saturday April 20th, 2013.  Record Store Day is a National event celebrating the survival of vinyl in a digital world.  In addition to the limited releases offered by record labels around the world, SAS will be carrying a couple of releases exclusive to our store. 

Listen Here
Listen Here
Since we opened in January, we have experienced overwhelming support from the Philly Metal community including area labels such as Relapse Records, Season of Mist, TYR Records and Candlelight Records.   Record Store Day is no exception and we thank Candlelight and TYR for the opportunity to feature their newest releases.  From Candlelight we have the new Woe album, "Withdrawal," scheduled for release on April 23rd.   Listen to the record here first, on Record Store Day at 2pm and purchase your copy three days before anyone else.  TYR Records has recently released a new 7" from Witch in Her Tomb and have nearly sold out of this limited pressing of 300 copies with only 100 of those in glow-in-the-dark vinyl.  TYR has designed an alternate cover for this 7" that highlights SAS and Record Store Day, limited to 10 copies with the limited glow vinyl.

SAS will also be participating in a cross promotion with the documentary, "Last Shop Standing," The official film of Record Store Day 2013.  The film will be premiering at the Trocadero on April 17th, 8:30pm.  There are limited free passes for this screening available now at the shop.  All those that attend the screening will receive a $5 couple good toward a purchase of $50 or more on Record Store Day.

Other RSD special offers from Sit & Spin Records

  • 20% off used LPs from our mixed genre section (excludes punk and metal records)
  • 20% off ALL used 7" records
  • all $1 records will be 2 for $1
  • spend $50-$100 and receive a free SAS t-shirt (while supplies last)
  • spend over $100 and receive a free SAS record tote (while supplies last); every time you reuse your tote you will receive 10% off your used vinyl purchase for the life of the bag

Facebook event page

Monday, April 1, 2013

ABSU at Sit & Spin Records North American Connexus Conjuration Tour Kick-off

ABSU will be starting their North American Tour in Philly on Friday April 5, 2013 at The Millcreek Tavern in West Philadelphia.  

Come into Sit & Spin Records before their show and meet the members of Absu.  They will be signing free posters limited to the first 50 customers.  Absu will be in-store between 6:30 and 7:30pm, then join them at The Millcreek Tavern at 8pm for face-splitting black metal.

FB event page for show
FB event page for in-store

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sit & Spin Records GRAND OPENING 3/1-3/3

Although we had officially opened our doors on January 8th, 2013 we had postponed our Grand Opening until we were ready to offer you all a great selection of music and accessories.  If you haven't been down to our store yet (or even if you are a regular patron) then our Grand Opening Weekend is a great excuse to come on down and celebrate with us.
In addition to the different discounts offered each day we will have deals that are good for the whole weekend (while supplies last):
  • All $1 LPs will be 3 for $1
  • A free Sit & Spin drink koozie with any vinyl record purchase
  • A Prize-A-Day giveaway with a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the weekend

Friday March 1st

Performing at 2:30 and 3:30pm is Huey Mcbanjo and The White Cheddar Boys
This knee-slapping, foot-thumping three-piece has been popping up all over Philly for a few years now.  You can catch them in the train stations adding joy to the everyday rat race or find them at Elixer Cafe every second Friday.  Punks at heart, these guys are sure to entertain.
In honor of their performance we will be offering 10% off all used country and bluegrass LPs.

Our Friday prize giveaway will be a Vinyl Record Care System (valued at $20.99).

Saturday March 2nd

Performing at 2:30 & 3:30pm is Elisha Cause
Elisha is better known as the singer and front person for Philadelphia-area punk band, Combat Crisis.  She has recently taken to acoustic guitar and will be performing original songs.  You can learn more about her work on her Facebook page.
All used 7" records will be 10% off, and our daily prize will be:
An Accessories Set that includes six pins of your choice (choose from hundreds of designs); a 50pk of studs (pyramid or cone/black or steel); and a Sit & Spin t-shirt (total value $20).

Sunday March 3rd

Performing at 2:30 & 3:30pm is The Holidays
Jim has been a great asset to the Philly Punx scene for several years now.  He's booked shows, written zines and books, and has created art and music.  The Holidays is Jim and Jim is The Holidays, a fun collection of punk rock sing-a-longs.
Sunday only, 20% off our Sit & Spin Records Tote bag.  Not only is this an environmentally smart way to shop for records but we will also take off 10% of your used vinyl purchase every time you reuse it.
Our daily drawing will be a grab-bag of Sit & Spin Records label releases including Thulsa Doom, Ratface, Ga$h and more (total value approximately $20+).
Our Grand Prize drawing will also take place on Sunday and all the entries from all three days will be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to Sit & Spin Records as well as a Records on Walls record frame and a $10 voucher for Pin Prick Punx, good towards a bulk purchase 1" or 1.75" pins with one design of your choice.  Great for bands, businesses, functions or causes (total Grand Prize value $45).

Friday, February 8, 2013

NEUROSIS "Honor Found in Decay"

We got this title in on Tuesday, but we've been so busy we forgot to let you all know.  This is the newest release by Neurosis out on Relapse records.  They released a double (180g) LP with really nice packaging and a high quality, full-color book with lyrics and art.  Well worth the investment for all you Neurosis fans.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HIGHWAY ROBBERY "For Love or Money"

This one is quickly becoming a popular favorite here at the store.  We had to reorder already and we just got this back in.  An awesome find, Leora stumbled upon this gem while shopping at Armageddon Shop in RI on tour with Thulsa Doom last spring.  Entranced by these killer riffs she had to have it and now we play it at the shop all the time, spreading it like a rock'n'roll virus.

WIPERS "Is this real?"

New arrival this week at the store, The Wipers are one of Leora's favorites and this album is a must have for every punk.  We also have other albums by the Wipers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Just in at Sit & Spin Records, Total Control features members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring.  Check out some tracks below:


New arrival at Sit & Spin Records, The Exploding Hearts where a power-pop punk band from Portland, Oregon that were tragically cut short at the peak of their career.  This, their second full-length album was released in 2006, shortly after the band ended due to an automobile accident while touring.  If you like the Buzzcocks, Generation X and Pointed Sticks you're sure to enjoy this timeless classic.

BUZZCOCKS "Singles Going Steady"


New arrival at Sit & Spin Records, the essential collection of hits from '77 UK punks, the Buzzcocks.  Originally released in 1979, this classic album has been reissued on 4 Men with Beards Records.  Released in 2003, this record has once again become a challenging find.  Get one while we still have them.

BLATZ / FILTH "Shit Split"

Just in at Sit & Spin Records, the classic split 12" from Filth and Blatz.  A must have for every punk, this reissue is out on Alternative Tentacles for those of you who may have played yours to death or just never got it the first time.


Back in our stores, this one sold out quickly and will surely sell out again.  This is the latest masterpiece from Relapse champions Pig Destroyer.  This deluxe 2xLP release comes on deep blue opaque vinyl and features a collection of classic punk rock covers as well as the brutalizing grind tracks you've come to expect.

COUGH "Ritual Abuse"

This just in, released on Relapse Records in 2010, are available on limited color vinyl.  This brutal doom metal band from Richmond delivers a slow and heavy atmosphere.  Check out some tracks below.

MORTALS "Death Ritual"

New arrival at Sit & Spin Records, this self-released album from three brutal women features shredding black metal and thrash tracks.  It comes highly recommended from the metal minds at Relapse Records.

REPULSION "Horrified"

Just in at Sit & Spin Records, this brutal LP from Relapse features 18 face-splitting, grinding death metal tracks.  


This stoner gem has just arrived to our store today.  Released in 2011 on both Metal Blade and Rise Above Records this album features 8 sludge tracks perfect for smoking to.

PENTAGRAM "First Daze Here Too" The vintage collection

This just in at Sit & Spin Records, these lost Pentagram tracks are brought to you from Relapse records.  If you love Black Sabbath then you must own this.

NASUM "Grind Finale" 4 LP box set on limited color vinyl

New arrival in the store, this 4 LP box set comes on limited color vinyl with double gatefold, a 20pg booklet and a 2ft poster.  A must have for any die hard fan.

MASTODON "Remission"

New arrival from Relapse, this is Mastodon's debut release from 2002.  A classic sludge metal album from Atlanta, GA natives.

INCANTATION "Onward to Golgotha" LP

New arrival from Relapse, this killer album from the NYC death metal band Incantation was released in 1992 on Relapse records.  We were only able to get one so we don't expect it to last long.


New arrival at Sit & Spin Records from Relapse.  This 2011 release from NYC's grindcore legends features 22 brutal tracks.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

BUY SELL TRADE new and used punk, metal and rock vinyl

New Vinyl

Sit & Spin Records, Philadelphia, stocks new releases and reissued vinyl featuring punk, metal and hard rock.  We carry a wide selection of local and independent labels and artists and encourage DIY bands to bring us music and merch for consignment.  We opened our store using the records from our well-known distro and discogs catalog and have since placed several large orders for new records to fill our bins.  If you think you've seen all our records, please come back in to see what's new.

Used Vinyl

Our extensive selection of used classic rock and other abundant genres is priced to move.  Many records are priced below $6 with discounts on our $1-$2 records.  In addition to our already low prices, we offer a "green" promotion; if you purchase one our canvas LP totes you will receive 10% off your purchase of used vinyl every time you reuse the tote.
We also buy and trade used vinyl.  Bring us those punk and metal records that you haven't listened to in years and let someone else have the pleasure of enjoying new tunes.  We make fair offers for gently used gems and can sweeten the deal when you chose store credit over cash.  If you have a large collection that you're looking to re-home we can travel to you as well.  Please contact us to set an appointment.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sit & Spin Records NOW OPEN

We are proud to announce that our doors are now open!  Look for us in South Philly.
Our store hours are Tuesday thru Sunday, noon - 8pm.