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2243 S. Lambert St, Philadelphia. PA 19145
On the corner of Lambert and West Passyunk Avenue, between 20th and 21st.

If you are selling records, visit or call anytime. We are available for home visits and will travel for collections large or small. When calling please have the records near you so we can get an idea of what you have. The types of music we are mainly interested in are: all types of Punk, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Psyche, Jazz, Blues and so much more. Small list of things we don't buy; 78's, Classical, Big Band, Swing, Broadway and 50's pop vocalist. Get in touch and turn those records into cash!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Arrivals Friday 6/23/17 PSFS Weekend

 Philly Still Fucking Shreds!!
This weekend is the annual PSFS festivities,
so we thought we would put out hundreds of 
punk and hardcore records from around the globe.  Sit & Spin tote holders are allowed entry at 11:30 AM, general public at noon.  People coming from out of town that would like early entry can purchase a tote by phone or email.  Keep in mind your tote is good for 10% off used items every time you bring it to the shop.  In past weeks we had more time to provide a partial list, however this week all you get is the six pictures to the side of this post.  We hope to see you all this weekend! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Early entry for Sit & Spin Records tote holders begins at 11:30 am, 12:00 pm for general public.  Here is a partial list of titles that will be available.


      • S.O.B. "Don't Be Swindle" 12" Selfish records  w/ insert
      • Death Side "Bet on The Possibility" LP Selfish Original w/insert 
          • V/A Outsider compilation LP City Rocker records Original poster sleeve

      •  V/A A Farewell to Arms compilation Selfish records 
      • Friction S/T LP  Kenwood records 1987 repress
      • The Addiction "Punk Alien Razar" LP MCR company 
      • The Star Club "Ground Zero" 12" Invitation Orig
      • The Star Club "Punk! Punk! Punk!" LP Japan Records
      • The Star Club "Hello New Punks" LP Japan Records
      • G.B.H. "Midnight Madness and Beyond..." LP VAP records original
      • Life "The World Lies Across Them" LP Punk Bastard Original

      • Conflict "Increase the Pressure" LP VAP records original
      • Side Burns "Golden Hits" LP Ebisu records original
      • G-Zet S/T LP ADK records 2012 repress
      • Execute/ Inferno split LP Pusmort records original
      • The Stalin " Stalinism"  12" Independent Records
      • Gastunk "Mother" LP Vice Records
      • C "Dear Fuckin' Shit all Fascists +2" LP Hardcore Survives
      • Zouo "A Roar Agitating Violent Age" LP Crust War 

      • V/A Hardcore Inferno LP compilation Depression records
      • V/A A Farewell to Arms LP compilation Nuclear Blast records
      • V/A We Are Beat Crazy LP Compilation Captain Records
      • V/A Yotsuva- Japanese Noiz Cruster Comp LP Crust War
      • V/A Konton Damaging Ear Massacre LP Compilation Crust War 
Plus tons of other Punk and Hardcore LP's

      • Ferocious X "Befria Fran Vanda EP" 7" Overthrow Records
      • Effigy/Havaistys split 7" Whisper in Darkness Records
      • Brain Death "Personal Affair" 7" Selfish records
      • Isterismo "Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto" 7" Overthrow records
      • Ghoul " Oi! Oi!" 7" flexi Hold Up records
      • Death Dust Extractor "Chainsaw Mayhem" 7" Vox Populi records

      • Effigy/Aparat split 7" Forest Records
      • Disclose "4 Track EP" 7" Overthrow records
      • Asphyxia "Wardrugs." 7" Crust war 
      • Nightmare "Be Put to Urge Rise in Yourself" 7" Blood Sucker Records
      • Baws "Like Let's Have a Ball" 7" Flexi Red ADK records
      • Headless S/T 7" Flexi More records
      • Judgment "No Reson Why" 7" HG Fact
      • Sic "Get Up and Do It EP" 7" Dogma records 

Plus tons of other Punk and Hardcore 7"s   
 Hard Rock, Prog, Pop Rock etc... LP

      • King Crimson "Lark's Tongues In Aspic" LP Polydor 25MM0266
      • Rainbow "Rising" LP Oyster/Polydor 23MM 0022
      • Rainbow "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll" LP Polydor 18MM 0528
      • The Kinks "Face to Face" LP Mono PRT records SP20-5026
      • Blondie "Parallel Lines" LP Chrysalis WWS-81139
      • Dio "Intermission" 12" Vertigo 20PP-100

      • The Beatles "1962-1966" 2xLP Apple Records EAS-77003.4
      • The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" LP Apple records EAS-80569
      • Geordie "Don't be Fooled By the Name" LP EMI/Odeon EOP-81013
      • Tyrannosaurus Rex "A Beard of Stars" LP SP20-5054
      • Captain Beyond S/T LP Capricorn VIP-6372
Plus more